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My idea of Europe,my ideal Europe

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Pubblicato il 01 luglio 2018 in Didattica


My idea of Europe. My ideal Europe.

The European Union (EU) is a group of 28 countries that operates as an economic and political block. Only nineteen of the countries use the euro as their official currency. Their goal is to cooperate to ensure a peaceful and quiet lifestyle for all the citizens that live there.

If I could change something about EU I think it would be extend the use of the Euro to all the countries that are part of it. This situation would create a perfect commercial communication between them. A European citizen could travel around the European countries with just one unique currency. It would be also a change that can create a different atmosphere between us because we would be more united and respectful to each other because we would be all equal in the same situation without any differences and privileges.

Federica Picco

30th April

The European Union is a political , social and economic community based on a series of treaty.

I think that the European Union is the most solid community on the world , because EU is a continent with many different traditions and languages, but also with shared values such as a democracy, freedom and social justice .

I think Europe is a balanced continent . All person have the same rights , they are all equal , there is a lot of respect for the women and the poor have the right protection .

Many citizen complain of Italy and Europe not understanding that we live in a peaceful and positive contest , unlike other countries in the world . We must all star to appreciate what we have .

Anna Simeon

2nd May

My Idea Of Europe, My Ideal Europe

The European Union is a political and economic union of 28 member states.

EU policies aim to ensure the free movement of people, services and capital.

Passport controls have been abolished and there is a sigle currency: the euro.

Another important aspect is that, if a state is in deficit the EU helps it with a loan.

EU has objectives to be met by 2020:

• Higher employment (75%)

• Invest in research and development

• Climate change and energy

• Education (rates of early school leavers below 10%)

• Poverty and social exclusion (at least 20 million fewer people in poverty/ social exclusion).

The EU was born with the aim of having a free market and breaking down barriers between states.

Unfortunately these barriers are not always broken down and states often look to their own interests.

My ideal Europe is a Europe that respects its function and completes the objectives for 2020.

Aurora Capobianchi

3rd May

“My idea of Europe, my ideal Europe”

Europe was founded in 1945, after World War, with the aim of ensuring peace and stability among neighbouring countries. To maintain peace and stability, countries have created a single economic market. In my opinion, the intentions for the creation of Europe are positive and valid but after 73 years, the countries haven't created a real union in the economic and social fields yet. One of the key features of Europe would have been to haven't barriers between countries that are in. Nowadays there are several barriers such as between Slovenia and Serbia, Hungary and Austria, among between Macedonia and Greece.

My ideal Europe would be a Europe without barriers, and with more communication and mutual support among the various states. People in Europe should feel citizens of Europe and not only citizens of their State. There should be respect and mutual trust between the member states of the Union.

Sofia Culaon

3rd May

My Idea Of Europe, My Ideal Europe

My idea of Europe is an istitution that helps the States members of the Union and gives a lot of rules over issues like pollution and economic matters. The European Union gives me the possibility to travel a lot without problems within european borders. But to do this, Europe has reduced controls at borders.

My ideal Europe is an istitution that gives more funds for cultural and scolastic activities, deals with issues like immigration and offers oppurtunities to study in a foreign country of the European Union but without paying much money for it. Europe should also give a quite and right place to live by controlling its borders and reinforcing the security.

Martina d’Amore

3rd May

European Union

The European Union is an istitution in force since 1957.

Initially it consisted of only 6 countries, today there are 27 signatory states.

In my opinion this Union of 27 different states is very important.

In fact, there have been many advantages that we have pursued in this union. For example, the use of a single currency and the Schengen area.

Although the European Union has created a great deal of support, there are still many social and economic problems. We often hears different opinions and ideas among the different countries, which lead countries to act differently. In my opinion this puts the European Union in great difficulty, which needs to operate based on political, economic and social ideas shared by all its countries.

We young people, born that the European Union was already present, we tend not to reflect enough on its fondamental role in the world. Many young people are not aware of its functions and its history.

In conclusion, in my point of view, it would be useful to include in the schools the hours dedicated to the knowledge of such important institutions, such as the European Union, which allow us to become aware citizens.

Camilla Franco 4BE

3rd May

My Idea Europe, My Ideal Europe

I'm living in a place formed by 27 countries even if there where 28, with Great Briatain in, until not long time ago. We have a Parliament composed by 950 seats plus one for the president: the one who controls if all the procedures are followed. Each country has a maximum of 96 seats and a minimun of six.

Going back time, the european union was founded in 1957 by six countries: Italy, Germany, Netherlands, France, Luxemburg and Belgium.

European union ha also got some symbols such as the euro that rapresents our coin for exchanges. The flag with the blue colour that means the color of the defence and twelve yellow stars with the meaning of the perfection's symbol, as were the twelve apostles or just the 12 hours we have during a day.

The European union was born with some aims to respect as the peace, the respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and the human rights. All good targets for a space where to live because they are all positive. Something important I agree with, is to respect the others and to respect the rules to live in an appropriate place. According to this my ideal Europe is a place where there are no discriminations, racisms, homeless and people who live together without any differences.

Anna de Filippis 4Be

3rd May


“The European Union is the world's most successful invention for advancing peace” (John Bruton)

The European Union was created in order to end the frequent wars between States, after the Second World War. In fact, the official motto of the European Union is “United in diversity”, this means that Europeans should be united, should try to create bridges, so that we all live in a world of peace and prosperity, even if we are different from each other.

I think that the foundation of the EU was a great idea for the fact that we can help each other. For example we can try to solve the problems of pollution and migration which involve not only one Nation, but almost all of them. Working together we will certainly find better solutions, which will benefit all of us now and in the future.

Giorgia Rocco 4Be

3rd May

My Ideal Europe

As a European citizen, I feel compelled to explain my point of view concerning the European Union and how it affects me as a student. In my opinion, such organization provides many benefits to its citizens like free trade, the possibility to travel without strict borders and numerous educational programs. These positive aspects guarantee a certain stability not only among countries but also to citizens who can truly feel part of EU. However, many nations struggle to see the advantages of being members of the European Union and for this reason they have recently considered the possibility of leaving the Union. On the other hand, countries like Albania and Turkey wish they could join EU but,as of now, they do not meet the necessary requirements to do so. My ideal Europe would certainly be more involved in foreign affairs, otherwise it would result in a weak system of institutions that doesn't live up to the original premises and expectations of the founding fathers.

Giulia Verde 4Be

3rd May

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