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Fear won't stop us

Together we can make it!

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Pubblicato il 03 giugno 2020 in Didattica

Tags: #english #hope #inglese #speranza


I think it was not so bad because we have neglected many things, there are many things to do and it is also useful to rediscover passions or to improve.... such as cooking, reading, drawing, physical activity,... or simply we can have the opportunity to stay in the family.


In my opinion, This period is testing all of us. Starting from me, that I've never been a person that can stay at home for a long time, and now I must spend at home every single day. Yes, it's hard, but this helps us loving the little things or simply staying with our families. I really miss spending my time with my friends and with the rest of my family, I can't meet them again and spend a lot of time together. I miss each person for different reasons.


Let's stay away today, to hug each other stronger tomorrow. I miss being with my boyfriend because, before we did everything together, I miss feeling his scent, getting him angry because I put on a shirt that he didn’t like, I miss discussing and then making peace in his arms, now I'd like to have a hug from him for at least a minute...


In this period we have to think positive; by fighting all together we will win against the virus. I hope that by depriving ourselves of living our life, we will understand the meaning of people and of small but fundamental gestures; because unfortunately due to this virus many people die in a hospital bed with nobody next to them and not even one last hug. So we need to appreciate what we have and enjoy it!


We will be different, we will begin to love every second spent with a person... Things that before seemed obvious. I miss everything... My friends, my relatives, my cousins and everyone, really everyone.

Letizia N.

This period is not one of the best, but to kill time I train, eat, etc.

I miss normality, I miss loving life, I miss friends, school and maybe even teachers. But this does not mean that I don't want to stay at home. After this period I hope that we will be back to everyday life, but in the true sense of the word.

Letizia D.M.

After some months spent at home, now I understand that the things I miss mostly are: going to my grandmother for lunch spending time with her and watching our favorite soap opera, Beautiful; my friends with whom I shared the days; going to the swimming pool and meeting my instructor who congratulates me for my time in the various styles and my beloved dives.

Now I appreciate more everything I had before this quarantine and I think about the day when all this will end and I will have again the serenity of before.


When I remember the time we were going through, I was so scared because I knew that this virus had caused the deaths of thousand people. I miss those days we spent in school and studying in leisure together. When I knew that the disease only existed in China, I did not care about it because I thought it was impossible it would arrive in Italy, but it involved the whole world. I am very sad how we are living, but everything will return to normality. This virus has made us know many things and mostly strengthen my relation with my family. Everything has positive and negative aspects, and this virus has made me strong and active on one hand and weak and desperate on the other hand. Actually, I am worried and I feel sad.


My emotions are mixed, I'm not happy, but lucky because I was used to be quarantined, so for me it's not so heavy anymore. Every day I miss more and more my daily life, I think of all the people who were part of my days...


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