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I was walking in a lugubrious forest, I was lost and I had no idea where to go.

I noticed a little, dilapidated house: I knocked three times, but no one opened the door.

I didn't have any other choice: I entered in the house.

The door squeaked and the wood was soggy. The floor creaked, there was such a nauseous smell and… I heard a whispered voice: it called me by my name.

I was frightened but I didn’t know what to do.

A phone rang: I slowly picked up the phone but I didn’t have time to say anything.

It was too late.


I opened my eyes. Where was I? What was that place? Nothing around me was familiar and everything was very creepy. All the pieces of forniture were dusty and the beams of the roof were rotten. Was that an abandoned house?
Was I in an abandoned house?! I started going down the stairs. Some rungs were detached from the stairs. At one point I stopped. My sweat was dropping from my forehead. Wait, was that possible? The stairs didn't have a finish. Discouragement and panic started to arise into me. I had to calm down. What could I do if I was frightened that way? I tried to research the room where I wake up but I wasn't recognizing nothing around me. Only stairs, infinite rungs. My head started spinning faster and faster. I fainted. I opened my eyes. Where was I? I recognized the same room. I opened the door and instead of the stairs there was a long hallway. I started to cross it. I walked for hours. I fainted. I opened my eyes. Where was I? Oh yes, the same room. I started crying and despairing. One ring, two rings, three rings... Where was coming that sound from? I opened another time the door. A telephone, just a telephone. I answered the call. Nobody spoke. "Who is it?", I asked, but I didn't receive an answer. I fainted. I opened my eyes. I was in the same room. I tried another time to open the door and I entered in a gloomy wood. Finally I saw some lights. They were of some police cars. One officer ran towards me and he grabbed me holding a gun into his hand.
I had been missing for 10 years.


The garden of the house was abandoned and the grass had grown exaggeratedly high, there was a creepy mannequin pierced by a wooden pole and stuck in the ground as a scarecrow, the door was open and the wind made the shutters slam hard. There was a disturbing and persistent noise coming from inside as there were nails scratching slowly on rotten wood. Everything that day was telling me not to enter that house. But I got in anyway.

Until today I haven’t found the way out yet.

Please come and save me.


It was a cold and dark night. I was walking slowly in the forest. There was silence, a strange silence.
I saw an house. I came closer. My heart started to beat fast and my hands began to sweat. The gate was open. I came into the garden. I made my way between the tall grass and I arrived in front of the door. In the doorbell was written "do not ring". I started to shivering. I opened the door that creaked slowly. I entered in the house. The floor was broken and stink and there were many holes in the ceiling. There wasn't any light. The windows were open and there were many books in the floor. I heard a disturbing song accompanied by a piano. Then I left the horrible house and I ran quickly.


I couldn't believe it; that house was terrifying, it was like being inside a horror movie house.
I had arrived there by a mistake. I was walking with my dog when it headed for a small street and entered in the garden of a house. I was intrigued and at the same time scared, but I decided to enter it. The door was grey and had red blood spots. The house had two floors, it wasn't furnished ,but the wall was full of mold. While I was going up the stairs, the door suddenly closed. My dog was still in the garden, and I was so scared and alone.
When I arrived at the second floor, I listened a strange music, it was like a lament. It came from little radio that was in the centre of a room. At a certain point, I heard footsteps and my dog started bark.

I looked for a way to go out, but it wasn't.


I suddenly opened my eyes and with my trembling hand I covered my mouth so as not to scream. My terrifying nightmare made me shiver. My heart was beating uncontrollably and my breathing was uneven."It was just a dream," I repeated to myself... but nevertheless I found no peace: that damned house had reappeared again. I looked around for the switch but once the light came on I discovered a chilling truth: that wasn't my home. Of a sudden I felt a frosty hand resting on my shoulder and a trenchant voice whispering to me: "my dear, your nightmare is real".


It seemed an ordinary quiet night, maybe too quiet.I was running away. I didn't know exactly why and from what. But I was sure I was followed. I felt a hostile presence behind me.
I ventured far into the bulk of the forest and suddenly I entered a creepy house.Everything was dirty and full of dust. All the walls were covered with mold.
I was just walking around what was once maybe a living room when the moldy wood floor cracked noisily under my hasty steps. Perhaps too noisily. Suddenly in the floor a chasm opened which swallowed me up.
That was the end of my tale.


It was a Sunday foggy night. The moon was covered by clouds and some owls were singing. I was walking in a big cemetery when I bumped into a headstone. The headstone opened me a secret passage that took me near a house. The house was creepy!!! It was a rotten wood house, with filthy Break windows fenced by a cancel. I opened the cancel and I knocked three times. No one opened me. But all of sudden a which
with a upward nose,
opened the door and invited me to enter. In the house there was a big staircase with some spider webs and a Frankestein-like monster was playing a pipe organ.......


It took two days for an excursion to the place I had heard of: a strange house was standing alone in the middle of the woods. And if it could no longer seem like a cliché: the mysterious house was in the lonely night and misty skies hovered over the old creaking building.

A light was on at the top of the house and an old curtain hung in the bright light. The cobwebs hanged from the lonely and forgotten building and an old ghostly dead tree whispered secretly to everything around them in the windy night. The old ghostly building creaked as if the wind blew it. An old clock started to ring twelve times: it was midnight.

Gravestones were in the back of the house, in the middle of the forest with nothing around but trees and rocks, in this inhospitable desert.

The front door was locked, but behind it was a rusty hole in the cellar door. It was wide enough for me to adapt.

After a little squeezing and cursing, I entered the cellar. Looking at the frayed and rusty metal, I decided to force it with a shiver and went to the front of the house.

I held my breath as the ghost approached me. It was so close.

I stopped breathing and froze.

I screamed and started running. "Stay away from our house!" Came a voice so loud and powerful that it made me stumble and fall. I straightened up and looked over my shoulder, and started running as quickly as possible away from there.


Few years ago a friend told me about a creepy house located near his home. We were very intrigued, so we went to this frightening house.
It was a foggy day. When we arrived we saw that strange place... it wasn't preserved,because it was abandoned, and had a grayish colour, but in spite of everything we entered.
There wasn't any noise inside the house, just the silence that was interrupted by our steps.
We were exploring this terrible place with the heart in throat, but at some point my friend went to the first floor because he was curious.
I entered in a strange room, maybe the closet, but I couldn't see anything because of the dark. Anyway, after a few seconds, I heard a chilling scream from the first floor. This scream made my blood cold. I understood that it was my friend's voice, but I was so scarred that I escaped from that house as fast as possible. However, my friend didn't leave that creepy place... and he will never leave it.


I was walking along a dusty country road, when a dark house appeared in the distance that seemed uninhabited...

Up close I noticed the smoke coming out of the chimney on the roof, even if the lights inside were off and absolute silence reigned.

I advanced towards the window, curious, to peek, but a chilling and sudden cry echoed from inside, blocking me in terror.

As soon as my legs decided to move, I started running far, very fast, with the distinct sensation of being followed by that gruesome sound.


"What a strange noise. Is it...a bell?" I was only partially conscious, and my body was as if paralyzed. I slowly open my eyes and, just like last night, I find myself lying on the cold marble floor.something sticky covers my hands, and when I look better I understand that it's blood. I scream in terror and get up, only to see someone's body next to me. He is a boy I have never seen. Motionless, with wide eyes and a face twisted with fear. I walk away slowly, trying to remain calm in front of the sight of the corpse, but something breaks under my foot. I look down and I see that I have stepped on a skull. I cover my mouth so as not to scream and, despite my shaking legs, I run up the stairs through the corridors.
Desperate screams, amused laughter, whispers and sobs follow me during my run, and I plug my ears, while the fear grows inside me.
Suddenly my feet stop when I hear the echo of a violin ringing around me. I cautiously open one of the doors facing me and I see a little girl playing.But when she's about to speak, the bell rings again and I wake up in my bed, screaming. I'm wet with sweat while I thiNk of the little girl... who before I woke up showed me her face streaked with blood tears and smiling.
"I have to remember that this is only the second night I spend in my Nightmare... I'll have to commit myself much more tomorrow."

But her Nightmare would keep back to haunt her, without even letting her sleep.


I was alone in the Sahara desert. There was nothing, just the sand and me. But at one point I saw a house a bit scary. I had no other possibility and it was so hot that I couldn't resist anymore. The door was open, the walls were dirty and full of disgusting cobwebs. I asked if anyone was here, but I only heard the sound of the door that closes. I was scared, because there was no wind.I tried to open the door, but it was locked. Suddenly I heard a strange noise from the room down the was similar to the psycophatic's laugh


When I was a child, the ancient people of my village said that between the cold river and the high mountain was an house, a mysterious house. My grandmother, a very wise woman, told me a story about a slaughter of hundred people happened in that house: nobody has survived and the ground has soaked by blood of innocent men. Since then, it is said the house is blasted and also it wasn't found any guilty.
Everybody stayed away from the house for many centuries, but I have been always interested. So, one day, when I was almost fully-grown, I went to visit it.
The house's look was very horrible: the black walls were discolored, the roof fell apart and around it was a light fog. There was a strange smell, it look like the smell of...of the dead.
Slowly I opened the squeaky door and I entered. Inside there wasn't light, even if there were much windows, on the walls were spider webs and was a stinking smell. I couldn't hear anything... I couldn't hear the birds who sing outside or the river flew, I heard only my breaths and my beating heart. Perhaps it wasn't an intelligent idea, I was a little bit afraid. It seemed how the house was away from the world,detached from the common.
I wanted to come back to 'normal world', but when I turned around to went out...the door was closed. I couldn't open it anymore. I was trapped and,suddenly, everything went black.



So my story began, after a heavy blow to the head, I found myself in a strange, scary and desolate road.

So frightened by the cry of the wolves, I ran as far as I could, until I found myself in front of a majestic steel door.

I tried to touch it and as if by magic it opened, with a sinister crunch.

Once I crossed the gate, I found myself in a completely gray garden, with dry plants and withered flowers. I walked a few more meters and then found myself in front of a wide open door. So being very curious I entered the house, and I was amazed. It was fantastic, large, shining, it looked like the white house, but then a second later, the house started screaming and as if by magic it became ugly, old, but above all scary!

I immediately ran to the door but it closed suddenly, so I tried to escape from an upstairs window. I took the stairs and opened a new door, suddenly I found myself in front of a cold and dark living room, in the center there was a mirror.

Because of my curiosity, I touched the mirror and found myself in another room, in the bathroom.

There was a tub and sink in the bathroom, but the most interesting and scary thing was a knob with a metal spider on it.

I also touched the knob and as if by magic the room began to turn.

It turned it turned it turned.

When he stopped I found myself in an old and messy kitchen.

suddenly I felt myself strange and small ...

... so I went back to the mirror in the living room, I looked at myself and saw...

... a metal spider!!!

ten minutes later I found myself in the hospital, and as I rubbed my head, I felt my arm burn ....

five minutes later I noticed that there was a spider tattoo on my arm...


I don't know why I got in that house, it almost seemed if the house brought me in. Everything was dark so I turned on the light by pressing a switch. This wasn't scary until I noticed that it disappeared some seconds later. I tried to open the entrance door, but obviously it was locked.
The room was full of garbage and other useless stuff. I got in another room and it was identic to the first one and so were the third, the fourth and the fifth: two doors at the opposite side of the room and four grey concrete walls . The sixth changed only in the content, but this didn't mean to be better: it was full of heads. there were 22...
Of course in the seventh room there the bodies: 19 were girls, 3 boys...
It sounded familiar but I didn't care about.
The eighth room was the last. Only at that point I noticed how big should the house be. This room was empty...or not? The light went away and suddenly came back with a tall figure with a knife. I tried to shield me with my hand but he cut off my thumb. I yelled and to revenge I kicked his chest so he fell down, he let go the knife which was caught by me. To kill him, I kicked again and I stabbed him in the face.
Finally I went out. My thumb was attached again to my hand and the house wasn't there anymore.
I headed for the bus station because all this exploring haunted houses made me lose the bus.


I was running in the middle of the night,I was scared. That strange creature was already following me.
I was lost...It was too cold and dark to sleep...and then, in the middle of the forest I saw an hold abandoned manor. I went inside: there wasn't anything interesting;
just a statue and some creepy paintings. I found a room with an open window and, after I closed it, I lay down on a sofa. But then I eared a scream. I started watching around and, behind me, there was a dead body.I was petrified and then I saw something on the wall.
On it there was written:
"You will be the next".
I tried to escape the room when I realized
that the door was locked.


It was a special day. I was 18 years old, I decided to go looking for a house. The real estate agent confessed to me that the house belonged to a man who one day freaked out and killed his wife, his children and then killed himself. One day as soon as I woke up I found the light in the kitchen on, although I didn’t remember leaving it on. the next day I found again the light on with the post-it crumpled on the ground. This upset me a little but not so much to escape.For another month or so everything was back to normal. I decided to devote some time to gardening. While cleaning the weeds I felt drops falling from above, it was blood. There was a body hanging from a tree branch.It was my neighbor.I got so scared that I decided to run home to my parents and cancel the lease. I would never go back to that house again...


When I was a small child, I lived in a very nice neighbourhood, with large fancy houses. In front of mine there was a very strange house. It was crooked, dark and filthy; when I walked by, I could feel shivers down my spine. It was a dreadful sight, nothing really seemed to be living in there, not even the the grass in the garden. One time I asked my older brother about it, he told me that once a scary man lived in it, he was incredibly slim, and so tall too! He had black hair down to the ears and was famous for wearing baggy, dingy-looking clothes. When kids saw him they would run away or hide. My brother continued by saying that he disappeared a few years ago, no one knows what happened to him, some think he died in sorrow, other thought he moved abroad and some think he is still hiding in that decrepit house, maybe planning something hideous, seeking out for curious kids. By the time he finished telling me about it I was scared to death, but the curiosity was growing inside of me too. I decided I needed to find out what happened to that man, so I ran out of the house, it was raining. I arrived in front of the house, it seemed so much larger now. I knocked, keeping my ear near to the wooden door, listening. Nothing answered. So I decided to go back home, I was soaking wet. I don’t know if what I saw was true, but at the time I could have sworn that, turning my head one last time to see the house, I saw something staring at me from the window, behind the curtains, it was horrid. From that day I never even tried to get near to the house.

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