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Your weekly insights: Struggling with your home page?

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Pubblicato il 27 gennaio 2016 in Tecnologia e Innovazione

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Whether you already have a website or you are about to build one, you need to start with a structure and first: a home page. For starters, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions such as: who is my target audience? What does my company do if I were to explain this to a 5 year-old? How do I want my message to be transmitted ( video, words, image, etc)? What do I want from this home page ( do I need it to convert? do I need people to go on other pages? )

Why am I telling you this? I believe it is crucially important to understand what you want from your home page. Most companies that I have worked with, have a very confused vision of their home page and want to make it as cool as possible, but are still failing to answer the most important question: what do they want this page to do?

A question that has been bothering me and I would like to tell you more about is the difference between a home page and a landing page. A home page provides information about your site. It will most likely have lots of links to other pages within your site and it's useful for the visitor who is just browsing: got there by mistake or got there through a search on Google. The landing page is more specific. What it aims to do is convert a visitor into someone who purchases a product or service or signs up for a newsletter. There are 2 basic types of landing pages: Click Through and Lead Generation.

Sometimes, depending on your company/ brand/ intentions/ these two can be merged into one single page.

What I think you should add to your home page? ( In no particular order)

1. Email subscribe .

This is particularly important only if you want to create an emails data base and you can/ want to do newsletters/ email marketing. This is one of the easiest ways to get people to stay up to date to what you are publishing, selling and last but not least, build a data base of crazy fans for your brand.

2. Facebook like

If you are still struggling with getting fans on facebook, an option would be to ask them to like the page ( directly from your website). It's not an invasive way and you don't send them away on your facebook page ( therefore making them leave your website). Moreover, seeing that their friends also support your page, might make them share their love to you with a like too.

3. Login

In case people can buy from your website or you give access to content only if they have an account. Getting people to have an account is a lot easier to get the information to them when needed.

4. Design

Who is this landing page for? Who are your customers? Are they corporate and you need to make sure the design and the language is appropriate for such audience, or are they hipsters and you can talk to them in a semi formal way?

Example: ImpactTrip, an individual travelling agency from Portugal, is reaching out to their direct customers: travellers, people ready for adventure who understand sustainable travelling and are willing to give back.

5. Copy

Even if you don't have a copywriter, you need to think of a copy. The questions that could give you the answer on how to write your copy are what would attract you to click further on the website/ and what are the main keywords that need to pop out?

Example: In the example above, you can see how Mindvalley focused on a couple of keywords that are going to stick to you: extraordinary, create, learning, experiences, transformational. Therefore, what you expect to find at this company are products that are described by the above adjectives.

6 Going in circles

This point is important because you need to make sure : first that anybody who lands on your website is able to find the information easily and secondly, that you are not giving him any chance of leaving the page. The longer they stays, the more convinced they are going to be to join your club, newsletter, buy from you.

Example: As you can see above, Elite Daily is keeping people engaged, not letting people leave the website and keeping them engaged with never ending content and great headlines. I am not saying it's the best way to go, but it's a way to go that is keeping people on the website. The average time a person spends on their website is almost 3 minutes, which is very high.

Call to action

Many of the business owners that I have found so far, may think that they are going on the right path with their copy and structure of the website. However, keep in mind that if you don't have at least a call to action on your website/ home page, the chances of your home page to fail its purpose are very high.

Example: You can see an example of an old version of Zendesk, that explains exactly what I talked about above.

Need help? Don't hesitate to contact me and I can help you design a home page for its fullest potential.

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