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The chances you take, the people you meet, the people you love, the faith that you have. That's what's going to define you.

Denzel Washington


This summer I had the opportunity to enjoy my holidays with a lot of wonderful people, expecially with No Mobile Signal. With him I lived funny experiences, I saw a lot of Amazing things which you can see only with No Mobile Signal. I've found beautiful places where you can relax and enjoy the view, public rooms where you can read a book and share it to other people, indispensable places for everyone. One day, I think it was the 1st of July, while I was doing my English homework, No Mobile Signal presented me English Dictionary. I immediately fell in love with him so, after having done English gorgeously, we went out to have dinner but we forgot No Mobile Signal at home. It was the worst evening I've ever passed because I met Smartphone, my old friend, and we started chatting. English Dictionary, angry because of the treachery, left. After that day I married Smartphone and we are perfect together.


My summer went very well.

I flew to Maldives with my favorite actor, Patrick Dempsey! I love him so much, I think is a very good actor and is so beautiful. I like him in particular in “Grey’s Anatomy” which is my favorite tv series.

We flew for about twelve hours and during the trip he told me about the cast of “Grey’s anatomy” and its backstage. It appeared incredible to speak with an important actor like Patrick Dempsey!

When we arrived we went to the beach. The water was very limpid and there were a lot of colorful fishes so we decided to go snorkeling. It was one of the best experience that I've ever done! We swam with a lot of fishes and with some turtles, we saw dolphins and also two or three sharks! I was scared but Patrick is very brave and he reassured me. Than we enjoyed some sunshine on the shore of sea. We stayed in Maldives for other days and then we flew to New York City. I think New York is so magic at night because there are a lot of lights and people crowd the city. The day after, he took me to the Statue of Liberty. He told me about the history of the statue and we took some photos with this important symbol. I’ve just hang a lot of photos with Patrick Dempsey in my room and now is so beautiful! We visited also famous museums of history and art and we did long walks in Central Park. It was so romantic!

Finally we returned in Italy where my family met the actor. We had lunch in a restaurant where we ate pizza of course because he really likes this famous Italian food! We spoke a lot and in the evening we went to the airport because he had the flight to return home. I was very sad and I’ll miss him so much! I think I’m fallen in love with this holiday and with Patrick Dempsey!


Last summer I had my perfect holiday with Silvio Berlusconi.

Silvio is a very rich person: in fact I dont want Silvio but his credit card!!!

Together we went to a very beautiful island in Greece which Silvio had bought only for us. We stayed there for 2 months.

Every morming I went to a beach on the island, sometimes to go to the beach I tooe the private helicopter because the island was very big.

We stayed at the beach all day long.

In the evening, after dinner, we went to fish on the beach.

The last month we went around the world with the private jet and sometimes we stayed in a place for 2 or 3 days.

It was a very beautiful holiday.


This year I had the amazing opportunity to travel around the world visiting all the famous cities with my friends, seeing the set of my favourite films and meeting the actors.

So in June I went with Denise to the UK and here we saw the location, the set and the actors of the Harry Potter film. Obviously we also met J.K. Rowling! And since we love his songs, we went to an Ed Sheeran's concert.

In July, when I came back from the UK, I moved to the United States with my best friend Francesca for visiting New York, Los Angeles and the other major cities. But we especially we went there for meeting Tarnon Egerton and Channing Tatum, the main characters of the film Kingsmen. It was the funniest month of my life, we spent the time going to the beach or swimming at the pool (Channing has one in his house), going shopping and walking in Times Square.

I finally saw the New York Public Library and the Library of Congress in Washington. In August we came back home and I finished my summer doing nothing, reading, going out with my friends and family and preparing myself for my return to school.


Last summer I was on vacation with Lebron James, a Los Angeles basketball player. On the first day, when it HE came, there was a lot of wind and in the evening I went to see his game.

The following days I took the tour of the whole city and in the evening HE brought me to the best restaurants in the city, the food was delicious. I went to each of the parties that He organized.

On holiday I DIDN'T STAY was not in a hotel but at his home, a giant home with the pool inside the house. I loved this holiday with Lebron and I hope to do it again next year.

Next time, though, I want him to come to Italy.


I always wanted to spend time with Ariana Grande and her troupe around the world and it could have been the most fabulous thing that could happen to me. Meeting Ariana has been my dream for over 2 years and enjoying a whole summer with her and her troupe would have been the best experience of my life. Seeing my dream becoming real was exciting: I enjoyed my summer holiday travelling by plane from Rio De Janeiro to Shangai, passing through Tokio and Bangkok with Ariana's friends Scott Nicholson, Alfredo Flores, Alexa Luria, Bri and all her troupe. One of the fantastic things about Ariana is that she always let her friends come on the backstage during her concerts and there we used to make a lot of very stupid things like for example recording live videos about funny moments we were having. Ariana has very nice friends that are so united and they all are dancers and professional singers as her. Our favourite activity was dancing, everywhere we were, on the plane, in the car, walking in the street or in hotel. I understood that Ariana is a generous person who does not have any problems hosting her friends in the hotel, specially if it is for people who love her. We had a good time in all of the cities we visited, but particulary in Tokio, a special city for Ariana, where we went around the bright streets full of colorful advertising boards that cover the skyscrapers. I loved assisting and observing the concerts, full of screaming boys and girls everywhere. It seemed to be into the music, the atmosphere was friendly and everybody was having the best time ever. My last summer was wonderful and exciting!


This summer was unbelievable... everything started on July when I went to London. It was a strange day because the weather was rainy and I don't remember how many degrees there were, but the temperature was very cold. In the morning I went to the National Gallery to see the famous Van Gogh's painting of yellow sunflowers, it's splendid. In the evening I went TO a bar to drink a tea and... I met Queen Elizabeth and the prime minister Theresa May! Her Majesty was friendly, but not like Ms May... We began to speak about Italy and UK and, after a while, I said that I love Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. Then the Queen said unexpectedly that I could visit her castles with per . It was amazing! She hosted me in Buckingham Palace for about 2 months and We visited a lot of houses and castles of the Royal Family. I also met William and Kate with their little children.

It was the most amazing, fantastic and wonderful holiday in my life!


This summer I read the best sections of my favourite book: Jane Eyre. I went to a distinctive room, because I need silent and a special atmosphere to read, but that time was different, I read the deepest parts aloud, and at one point the pages began to browse by themselves. I was a little afraid but also intrigued, that I saw that day is incredible, from the book a figure arose and materialised in front of me: it was a young woman who wore a long dark dress, her hair was styled in a strange way, and she was terribly similar to Jane, when she turned around and said:

“ Where am I?”, I was sure!

When I explained To her where she was and she understood that she was in Italy in 2017, the girls asked me to see all the changes and when she saw the cars, the dishwasher she was shocked and admired; so she would go to Florence, I saw her perplexed but when she said to me that she should returned in to the book after, I answered yes. In the morning we got up early and first I gave her some clothes and then we went to Florence by train, during the trip she observed all the objects hallucinated. When we arrived, went to the Duomo, we saw its frescoes, it was spectacular! We visited the Uffizi and I was surprised because she knew some pictures. It was a dream! The city was crowded but it was pleasant to walk and she was more used to keep moving than me, so we saw a lot of churches and monuments like the David, finally she ate an hamburger but she requested the silverware…she was good. In the afternoon we returned Home and we went secretly to my special room. I shook her hand, a moment of silent surrounded us, we saw ourselves, so different in all that we did, then she hugged me and I restarted to read aloud, the pages browsed by themselves and Jane disappeared, but she managed to say c-i-a-o a second before. Then, I felt an irritating sound, like a hammer….and I opened my eyes.


This summer I had one of the best experiences of my life: I go on holidays with one of my favorite actress: Lily Collins. In February I won a competition on a site where you could on vacation with a famous person for two days. When I read the e-mail from the organizers of the competition where was written that I was the winner I couldn’t believe it and when they told me that I will go on holiday with Lily Collins for two days in Martinique I was the happiest person in the world. I met Lily for the first time the 13th of July, at the airport of Fort-de-France, the capital of Martinique. When I saw her I was enthusiast but I was also very tired because I spent a lot of hours on the plane. Initially I was very embarrassed, but Lily was very nice and we socialized very fast. The second day we went to the beach and it was amazing: the sea was magnificent and we had a lot of fun: we swam, we had snorkeling and I also learned to surf. We had also a lot of time to speak and Lily told me a lot of amazing things and I also discovered that sometimes is very hard be popular and always busy. The third day, that was the last we visited Fort-de-France where we visited some fabulous places like “la Basilique du Sacre Coeur”, “le fort Saint Louis” and the Schoelcher Library. In Martinique the principal language is French, so I also could speak French. The evening of the 15th of July I had to say bye to Lily but I didn’t return home ‘cause I stayed here for others two weeks with my family and two of my friends. It’s an experience that I’ll never forget because I made a lot of friend, I stayed in a fantastic place and I could know Lily beyond the mask of beautiful actress and model and I saw that she’s just a girl like me. I hope I will be able to repeat an experience like this because it was wonderful.



sometimes coincidences happen to change your life, and that’s what happened to me when travelling by boat to Indonesia, since my plane flight was cancelled. We were arriving to the port in a little village in the Java island and the ship was passing by a wonderful beach.

I ran to the bow of the ship to take some photos, and while I was taking the camera, a man with a long white beard told me “this left me breathless” and then we began to talk. At first I didn’t recognize him, but then he told me that he didn’t take the plane because a fortune teller told him that he would have died in a plane crush. He was Tiziano Terzani, he travelled around Asia documenting the fall of communism in Russia, living in China after Mao died, and he was in this ship talking with me. Then I almost fell to the ground when he asked me to travel with him around the Java island, I accepted and then the ship came to destination.

We visited the Sewu temple, such an incredible wonder that we could not believe our eyes when we saw it and the Mount Semeru, the highest mountain in the whole Island, which is as well a volcano, great view.

We also spent a lot of time in the capital city Giacarta, a gorgeous place with lots of beauty and history but also a lot of troubles due to the recent overpopulation of the city. Tiziano actually went there to report that to his journal, so we travelled around the poor districts and we took some photos.

So after a pair of weeks I had to return to Majano, my hometown. I will always remember this journey as the best in my life with the most amazing person I’ve ever met, Tiziano Terzani.


This summer I fulfilled a dream of mine: visiting London and attending the Wimbledon Championship.

Actually, the best part was doing these things with my idol, Novak Djokovic, in my opinion the best player in the world.

I was going to London by plane and by chance I met him because my seat was near him. As soon as I saw him, I asked for his autograph and we took a selfie. During the flight, we talked about tennis and we immediately got on well. Before landing, he made me a present: a backstage pass for the Championship. Moreover, he also invited me to watch his warm up before the match. The next day I went to the Tournament and even ask me to play tennis together before his official match. Since he won the first match, he invited me to spend time in his luxury hotel in the city centre. It was wonderful because it was full of famous people such as journalist, photographers, others tennis players and so on. We had dinner together and we went clubbing. I had so much fun.

The rest of the holiday I visited London with him, I went to all his matches and we celebrated also his victory. I think I had the time of my life!!


I finally came back from my fabulous holidays in Sicily where I spent a great time with my idol: David Garret, my favourite violinist! Everything started last month when I won the opportunity to enjoy a vacation with a very famous person of my choice and I obviously chose the star of the violin: David Garret. We met for the first time at the Venice airport and I had to admit that at the begging the things wasn’t very easy, in fact it was quite difficult to understand each other and I wasn’t feeling so at ease because I was really cheerful but a bit under uneasiness at the same time. Anyway after a few hours together we start talking and joking so the time on the airplane passed very quickly. The week that we spent in Sicily was one of the best in my life, there we were used to get up very early in the morning and go to the beach when the beach was desert and the sea limpid and empty, then in the afternoon we went back to the room and I listened him playing the violin as no one else can do and he also gave to me some useful advices; in the evening we went out to eat a pizza and after we finished eating we played the violin together for hours and hours until I got up in my bed while I was smiling at the ceiling…


Last summer I had the best experience of my entire life. In fact I won a contest: you had only to sign up to a site and if you were chosen you had the opportunity to spend a day with one of the celebrities that subscribed to the project. So I signed up but I would have never thought I could be the winner. When it turned out I was literally shocked. I was so lucky that my favourite actress was on the list! So I chose Emma Watson. It's unbelievable only to say it but It actually happened: I spent two days in London with Emma Watson! I took the flight and I met her for the first time in her limo. It was an inexpicable emotion. And I couldn't believe that It was real and not my head's imagination. I took a long hour to understand I was near Emma Watson and I was talking to her. When we arrived to the hotel, It was dinner time and we reached the restaurant under the stairs. Strangely that evening I wasn't scared or imbarrazed and I couldn't stop talking. Our main topic was books. I discovered we have so many things in common. We spoke about my love for Harry Potter, but she kept asking me things about myself, what would I'd like to do in my future. I've never met a kind person as her and She's exactly how I was expecting. After a wonderful evening, I went to my hotel room because I was exhausted. The day after I woke up quite early because I was too much exciting. She was born in France but she lived in London for several years so she knows veery well the city. At first she brought me to The Natural Science Museum which I found really interesting. Then for lunch we had a pic-nic in Hyde Park; I'v never thought I could have such a seamle time with her. Before going away she gave me the best gift ever: she showed me two tickets for The Warner Bros Studios of Harry Potter, one of my biggest dreams. So we immediately took the bus, because the museum was not so close to London. Arrived, I was euphoric and my legs were shaking so bad. We saw the Great Hall from the films , costumes, the sets. It was incredible, especially beacuse I was with Emma Watson and two bodyguards near me. We left the museum at 6 o'clock even if I didn't want to come back home. We returned to our hotel where I packed the baggage. Then I had to say goodbye to Emma and it was such a sad moment beacuse I didn't want this dream to end, She hugged me. Then I went to the airport and I took the flight to return to Italy. I will never forget these two days. Unlike a big part of the celebrities, she's a seample and unpretentious person, she's also so smart and intelligent; I like every part of her.


I spent a month during this summer with Claire Holt, which is a famous actress I saw for the first time in the movie '47 Meters Down' many months ago. At the beginning of this summer I saw on social medias that she was spending her holidays in Italy, especially in Positano, where celebrities usually go sunbathing. So, one day I decided to send her a message where I wrote that I was a big fan of her and if she would liked to meet me a day. She said it was okay and where we are from...and I don't know, maybe it was a happy day for her but she agreed to meet me and my friend, whaaaat. Well, now, Positano is pretty far from here but I could go with airplane with a friend that likes her was a long journey honestly but it was also very funny. When we arrived there, in Positano, we didn't go where to go, so I sent her another message asking her where to go and she told me she in a boat called 'Serenada' and she sent me also its location, and it wasn't far from where we were! We were so happy!! So, we met there and she was with her brother, boyfriend and other two or three friends and we couldn't be happier in that moment. Me and my friend looked really good that day also, in my opinion...we didn't wear as normal tourists...We talked so much, went doing a boat trip. She also said we were very funny! but that's true actually....We spent there 2 days and the we came back home but she promised me that we will meet again soon 'cause she really enjoyed. FANTASTIC small holiday but with a special and famous person and...we din't pay for anything.


Last July my dream came true: I went on holiday with Malika Ayane!

We met at the Malpensa Airport, near Milan, and we took a plane for Berlin.

When we arrived, first of all we went to her house in order to unpack. Her house wasn’t very big, but it was very nice and elegant. The furniture was in the shabby chic style and on the walls there were a lot of Corto Maltese’s cartoons and some Japanese pictures (there were a lot of Japanese ornaments, too!). After that, she decided to bring me to the Jazzanova (where she produced her last album Naïf).

There the producers Stefan Leisering and Axel Reinemer explained their work to me. It was very interesting! Then we was very tired, so we went to sleep. The day after in the morning we went to visit the DDR museum and in the afternoon we went to the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. It was very moving.

In the evening we decided to visit the Brandenburger Tor. It was spectacular!

We spent our third and last day in Berlin to visit the shops. It was very fun! We bought a lot of hats, nail polishes, dresses, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, diamond rings and a lot of other “precious things whose sparkle never fades”.

In the meantime, she told me that she fell in love with Berlin when she was seventeen and she went there for the first time. Now Berlin help her tofind the inspiration for her songs and to improve her German. It was an interesting story! In the evening, we went out with the bang going to the cinema that inspired her to write Ansia da felicità (Is there anyone who don’t know the lines “rubiamo il vento di New York/e di Berlino un cinema”?).

The day after we took the plane to come back to Italy, but, when we had to change the plane in Paris, our plane didn’t accept all our dresses, necklaces, bracelets… So we decided to stay one or two days in Paris, till another plane accepting our trinkets came. In the meantime, we stayed at the house of Pacifico and his wife. Pacifico was a very kind host, and he told me that it was in Paris that he and Malika wrote Naïf together. He also told me that when he met Malika for the first time (in 2008), he thought that she was a very weird person: in fact, she wore a big hat, large at least one meter!

The day after there was our plane and we could return to Milan. There Malika put me up for one day in her house, that looked like the house in Berlin, only much bigger! She had an enormous collection of Corto Maltese’s comics and of David Bowie’s CDS and, among other strange things, a sort of bungee jumping in the living room!

The day after, I returned to Udine. It was a fantastic holiday that I’ll never forget!

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