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The Barons's dialogue

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Pubblicato il 18 giugno 2017 in Didattica

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This Dst has the following objectives:

-learning about the Magna Charta Libertatum and its meaning at the time of its birth and nowadays

-developing citizenship competences and competences

Competences involved:

-looking for and selecting information


-discussing supporting one's opinion

-writing in L2

-using ICT

-team working

-learning to learn

Duration of the activity: 12 hours plus homework

Assessment: rubric

self assessment: peer assessment during the third session

Additional resources:

bibliography (given by the teacher)

First session: students receive info about Dst and final product ( imaginary barons' and king John's discussion). At home they read the documents given by the teacher. They form groups, each group will support one right and give voice to an imaginary baron, one group gives voice to king John

Second session: group work, using trade card app students create the character, prequels are negotiated.

Tower of London
Tower of London

Third session: presentation in class. Each group introduces its baron, a speaker plays the role of the baron, the clergyman and the king, some students in the group can give additional support embodying other characters.

King John
King John

Fourth session:debate. The students (the barons) debate claiming for their rights, the king answers and they find an agreement in five rights written in the Magna Charta.

Final session: written test ( knowledges)

Magna Carta Memorial, Runnymede
Magna Carta Memorial, Runnymede

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