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Your weekly insights: Let's pitch to some investors

We met, got the car and head to Pescara

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Pubblicato il 08 dicembre 2015 in Tecnologia e Innovazione

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It wasn't that early morning when we met, got the car and head to Pescara to meet some venture capitalists ( aka a bunch of guys with a lot of money)

We live in Napoli and here the weather in December is more than decent: 15-18 degrees during the day and it just gets a bit colder during the night: a bit less than 10 degrees, which is considered pretty cold for the people who live here. The way to Pescara from Napoli is full of mountains, cold and snow. Not what I expected.

I had no expectations actually. I was just super excited about what was going to happen, how investors are going to act, what questions are going to ask. It was my first time.

People care about money. Your CEO cares about people

You go and pitch. And explain people that you and your team have built your lives around your business and this is all you dream, eat and love lately. You go there and explain people, ideas, numbers. You explain your reach, your users, your achievements, you talk about other investments. Apparently you talk about numbers, but you actually talk about people. Those numbers weren't born by themselves, they were made by people. You go there to talk about your team, your people, the power you have in your hands, the people that invested in your ideas so far.

Pitching: the most important part

Do you remember all those rules where they teach you not to say "ăăă", not to move too much, not to blurb, do eye contact and repeat your speach before the ,,big day''? Well, I guess this is the moment when you should really take all those suggestions into considerations and make sure you present nicely and with no blurbbing. That is the moment when you should put all your focus into delivering a very enthusiastic message, a perfect message that can leave an impression. Cause at the end of the day, all those people who pitch have the same purpose: to get money, but only some can be the lucky ones. And I guess you can be one of them.

What did they care about?

I know these people meet a lot of startup owners generally, but I was hoping that this is not solely a business meeting, but a meeting with people. Everybody I've talked to so far told me people invest in people, they don't only invest in ideas, but this time I felt that they cared a lot about money. It kinda makes sense somehow, because if they invest their money, they need to know where it's going and how they are going to get a return in investment. However, the best example is Jessica's story who lost all her 1 million $ investments and got it all back. Are all people so smart, fast or fortunate as her? Certainly not, but her situation is definately one to consider.

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