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Thoughts on a poem by John Donne

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Pubblicato il 27 maggio 2019 in Didattica



I think that if a man wants to be an island, with his personal ideas and opinions, he must be an island, because sometimes or always is necessary to stay on your own.

It is necessary because everyone is often full of thoughts and for reorganizing your head you have to stay alone. Certainly you must anyway live in a hodgepodge where everyone is an island but you depend on the others, even if they are independent. ​​​​​​​


I think that no man is an island because, as the movie demonstrated to us, no man can live a good life without the company of someone; without it your life is always incomplete. The figure of a friend, a boy/girlfriend or of the parents can help yourself to live better your life, meanwhile if you are alone you can’t live better. The friendship always takes you a bit of love. As a demonstration of this, in the first part of the movie Will seems very happy, but at the end he understands that the life is incomplete without someone special, as Marcus.


We agree with John Donne’s idea that no man is an island because, as we could watch in the film “About a boy”, the team of more people even different from each other or unrelated, creates a spiritual and emotional connection that makes people feel better in the group.

For us the possibility of being an island or an archipelago of people depends on the moment that you are living in your life or the moments during the day.

From this derives the fact that a man needs to socialize with people.

But we believe that it is better to have an archipelago made up of few people with whom you have, however, an authentic, sincere and stable connection instead of knowing a lot of people with whom we have a connection which is created by a shallow relationship. ​​​​​​​


In our opinion people shouldn’t be islands: of course, relationships can be hard to control, and can cause misunderstandings that sometimes can lead to sadness, but they can also bring with them joy and they can make you feel like a part of a sort of “family” which can support you any time.

Many people don’t build relationships because they are scared of being let down or losing their friends, but friendship means also being able to distinguish real friends from the fake ones.

At the beginning of the movie Will is sure that being an island can protect him from the outside world, but hanging out with Marcus changes his mind. After the school talent show (in which they sing “Killing me softly”) Will understands that his relationships (with Marcus, Rachel, Fiona and Suzie…) can be very important for his life, and at the end of the film he is still an island, but he’s a part of an archipelago, and he’s satisfied about it.

Martina, Sofia, Giulia e Marianna

We think that everyone needs some moments in which we require to stay alone to reflect (we too), but we also admit that stay with other people is very important.

No one can stay forever alone, everybody need to have someone beside them.

In fact, there's a reason why people say "Unity is strength"...

We become islands when we are scared of other people's opinion and when the anger takes over with the insecurity.

Sometimes we need to be islands to restore our mental balance.

Let's think about the first day of school: all of us were islands, because we didn't know anyone, but for necessity we looked for other islands to form archipelago.

Archipelagos are formed thanks to common interests or sometimes thanks to lucky coincidences which unite completely different people.

Remember, life becomes more than perfect when you have someone who loves you, who become an archipelago with you and who lights up your world during dark moments.


We saw a movie named “About a boy” and we read a poetry of John Donne. The main link among those things is the sentence:”NO MAN IS AN ISLAND”. The meaning of the sentence is that a single man isn’t enough to complete his life. In fact people shouldn’t be alone because everyone needs other people’s support and united we stand, divided we fall. People can be a family even if they haven’t the same blood. But in a big family you must respect the others and this another meaning of the film. Finally, no man is an island, even an island is made by lot of rocks.

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