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Men are not trash, women neither

People are trash

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Pubblicato il 21 ottobre 2017 in Altro


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I’ve always been careful about others, even if doesn’t seem so. It’s just the way I am and behave with people which is probably slightly different from the others.

Maybe I don’t communicate empathy to people, or at least, I didn’t use to.

In fact lately it came to my attention that I was able to do so.

Actually, this is not the point, at the moment.

Let’s talk about respect: it isn’t something that is necessarily bound to empathy, I believe respect and empathy run both on different and parallels paths even if sometimes they randomly collide and overlap.

I’ve always thought that respect is something so simple to give that is unbelievable that sometimes is so difficult to receive.

Sometimes I felt a bad person for not feeling empathy for someone who was empathizing with me, but only because that person told me that I was wrong with not feeling anything.

The problem people don’t understand is that you can decide to give respect while you cannot empathize on purpose, because empathy is something you feel, not something you do.

So I ask myself if it’s fair to blame someone because of his/her lack of empathy.

This is something that strongly belongs to humans; we don’t accept the fact we are all different and nobody is inside other people mind.

Let’s be clear: I’m the first one that does so. I hope that admitting it will limit the damages.

Empathy is a strong connection that a person feels with someone or between two persons.

When I didn’t empathize with someone who was empathizing with me I felt both sad and really bad.

I didn’t feel bad for those who made me notice I wasn’t empathizing with them, instead I felt disrespected.

I wrote an article the other day about how everything in life is relative and how small gestures may be misunderstood and you can’t do anything about it.

But being honest with yourself is something different.

Yes, sometimes people do things without thinking, they can be misunderstood, but there are enough smart people that understand that what they’re doing is wrong and just don’t care.

This pisses me off.

It pisses me off to the point that I don’t want to accept it at all.

But, at the end of the day, I take my thoughts, both normal and intrusive and I ask myself - yes, you get angry but, why? What’s the point of getting angry? -

Yes, you don’t have to be passive, you don’t have to let people hit you with no reaction, you need to react, but all these beautiful things conflict with the fact that sometimes you cannot do anything about it, it’s not just about you.

Of course, you can pick up the phone and yell, you can write about it or if you want you may take a person face to face and split out everything you need off your chest and last but not least you can start a passive-aggressive social campaign.

These are few things you can do when you feel disrespected but I luckily realized that, whatever you do, maybe it’s gonna hurt you more than to the others.

It’s the same as you think about “hate”.

“Hate” is a huge word, really huge and probably there are people who abuse its use and who don’t really get its meaning.

Hate is something that hurts you; it’s an intrusive thought that randomly hit your mind ruining your mood with no consequence for the person you hate.

So what’s the point of hating someone?

When you’re angry at someone what your trying to do is hurt the other person; with words, with your hands, psychologically, physically, directly, indirectly.

Denying it is useless, everybody tries to find a way to hurt the other person.

I don’t know if this is right or wrong.

Sometimes I think it’s good to unload it on somebody, sometimes with the person concerned sometimes with nobody, even if this last choice is the toughest one and it leads you to a slow and painful process of dissipation and elimination of pain.

Why do I care so much about this?

Because sometimes is so simple to respect somebody that I find unbelievable that people don’t do it.

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